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frequently asked questions

What do I get for my membership?

By joining us, you get one credit per week to be used at any of our partner venues! You can use each credit to redeem perks ranging anywhere from free drinks, to hookah discounts, to skip line access and much more!


How do I use my membership?

Step 1 - Tap the Nightflyy+ tab towards the bottom of the home screen.

Step 2 - Tap the illuminated Nightflyy Plus button

Step 3 - Show the subsequent screen to your server when placing your order

Step 4 - Your server will type in a code to redeem your perk and then your Nightflyy Plus screen will become locked until the following Monday morning. The perk will be reflected on your bill.


When should I show the app to my server to redeem my credit?

You must show the app to your server when you are ordering/requesting the perk. This way they can enter it into their system accordingly.


What happens after I redeem my credit?

The Nightflyy Plus portion of your app will be locked until 6am the following Monday morning. Please note that only the Nightflyy Plus portion will be locked. You can still use the rest of the app to find events, host your own events, and chat with friends. If you enjoyed your service and the vibes, stick around and keep having fun! Also, be sure to tip your server generously.


Can I choose the perks that I get?

No. We let our partner venues choose what perks they will offer. They can give you options if they so choose, but ultimately it’s their decision. Each venue’s perk offering will be listed on their profile page in the app and also on a physical Nightflyy board inside their establishment.


What types of venues are participating?

Our goal is to partner with a wide variety of amazing nightlife spots! We will be partnering with any and all types of bars, clubs, lounges, breweries, strip clubs; you name it! Check out our rapidly growing list of partner venues in the app and feel free to use the “Give Feedback” button to recommend new venues we should partner with.


Can I go to the same venue multiple times in a month?

Yes, everyone finds their go-to spots that they like to frequent. However, we hope that you keep things spicy by trying out as many new spots as possible. We will be partnering with a bunch of different venues, all with their own unique vibes and perk offerings.


Do my credits roll-over?

No, your weekly credit does not roll-over. Credits must be used within that week, otherwise, they will go unredeemed and a new credit will be made available to you on the following Monday morning.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to settings and tap “Cancel Subscription”. You will continue to have access to one credit per week until the subscription period is finished, but you will not be charged again and your access will be removed when the subscription period is over.


What if the app doesn’t work right or I have an issue with a participating venue?

Please tap the “Help” button and choose “Report a Problem” if it’s an app related issue or choose  “Issue with a Venue” if you have an issue with a specific venue. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.



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