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Throughout our time as young adults both hosting and attending amazing events, we’ve realized the instrumental role that nightlife plays not only in networking but also in self-expression and life enjoyment. Nightlife provides opportunities to meet new people that you may not meet in your day-to-day lives. It offers a safe space for people to openly express themselves through the universal languages of food, music and dance. And most importantly, it sparks opportunities to have fun and create everlasting memories with the people you love most! Our vast experiences have inspired us to create a nightlife platform dedicated to uniting all corners of the industry, helping people get more value from their own nightlife experiences, and providing more visibility to the amazing venues that cultivate such environments. By way of our technology, products, and events we welcome you to the community and can’t wait to catch a vibe with you!

meet the team

Jameel Balenton

Co-Founder & CEO

Tim Reed

Co-Founder & COO

Dreu Dixon

Head of Finance

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